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Code, create websites, and make games and apps! Your child will do it all with the guidance of our top-rated instructors
Real-Life Coding Skills
Kodland lessons aren’t just fun and games—though they offer that, too! These classes are about teaching children coding skills that are applicable in the real world.
Holistic Development
Logic and analytical thinking are essential to coding, but they apply to all subjects, and life at large! We help students learn how to critically approach problems and carefully work their way through them
Final Project and Certificate
Each course wraps up with a final project, with our instructors helping students bring their ideas to life! Of course, each student receives a certificate documenting their hard work
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Look at the Games Our Students Have Created!

Super Mario
by: Adam Wood Age 12
Snake V 2.0
by: Jane Hall Age 14
Flappy Bird
by: Alice Brown Age 12
Fishing simulator
by: David Smith Age 12
Complete the homework online via the student platform
Receive targeted feedback from the instructor
Hop onto the live chat to communicate with other students and your instructor
Enjoy a dynamic and engaging 90-minute lesson once a week. Each course lasts 8 months

The Kodland Lesson Structure

The Process Is Simple and Clear

2. Tasks are uploaded to the student platform
3. Students write code under the supervision of their instructor
4. Constructive feedback is given and the project finalized. Take a look!

1. The instructor guides students through each lesson, ensuring full grasp of the topic

About Our Courses

Kodland's curriculum focuses on developing your children professionally while they're still in school
12- 15-Year-Olds
Python Level 1
For Beginners
Learn the basics of Python programming language. Students will create simple games, text programs, and drawings by applying the basic commands, taking their first steps in the world of game design.

Outcome: An online game, a text program, or a complex drawing with Turtle module
Not sure which course to choose? Talk to our manager over the phone: contact us at +16509899745
10- 12-Year-Olds
Digital Intro Course
For Young PC Users
Start by mastering the fundamentals of coding. Students learn how to search for information, craft summaries, and deliver presentations. From there, they discover the basics of information technology, focusing on the aspects that most interest kids.

Outcome: A ready-made portfolio with 15 personal projects developed in different programs

Benefits of Virtual Learning

On our online platform, your child can learn from new materials and create their own programs right in their browser. Here, the instructor monitors each student's progress and shapes the learning process.
Your kid will make friends with fellow children from all across the globe. Students meet each other on our social network service, HUB. Here, they upload their projects, send them to friends and relatives, and watch and comment on other children's works.
The child doesn't have to go anywhere. They study in their comfortable and safe home environment. They will also be able to attend classes even when not at home. If they have a PC or laptop with Internet access, then they’re good to go!
All Materials Are in One Place

Meet People From All Over the World
Choosing a Place of Study
Kids and Grown-Ups Love Us!

Kodland Instructors

All our instructors pass multi-stage assessments and training so we can handpick top-tier mentors for our students.
We verify professional skills, teaching experience, and communication skills. We choose candidates who love their job and give their best to our students.
We regularly conduct trainings and master classes for our instructors to improve their efficiency.
Tom Brown
Python Instructor
Programming is not about knowing mathematics, although you can't do it without it :) It's more about logic and creativity. For example, a child and his friends came up with a cool game for a smartphone out of mere play. Why not implement it? With good coding skills, you can create a product from scratch. It could be an app, a website, or a program.
We verify professional skills, teaching experience and communication skills. We choose candidates who love their job and try to do give best service for students.
Kate Olsen
Digital intro course Instructor

At Kodland, children learn how to focus on important things, go towards their goal persistently and patiently, and find extraordinary solutions to complex problems. The training is designed so that students can put their new knowledge immediately into practice and move on faster. That's why they become more independent by the end of the course. They create their own projects and think about their future careers.
Jake Willson
In today's world, there are computers almost everywhere. So being able to work with them, including writing codes, will help your child become an in-demand specialist. Besides, learning coding itself is interesting and it develops logical thinking skills and the ability to tackle complex creative tasks!
Python Instructor

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We will solve a few basic tasks, learn some fundamentals of programming, and create first projects!
Where can I find the class schedule?
Each group is assigned a specific day and time for class. We will help you find a convenient time for your child.
What is the tuition fee?
The fees vary depending on the region, format and number of modules. We accept a one-off payment. Please leave a request to us to find a suitable format for you.
What if I miss classes?
Skipping one lesson is not a problem. The theory, materials, and tasks for each lesson are stored on the Platform. Moreover, our instructors are always ready to help via WhatsApp. If a child misses two or more lessons for a valid reason, he or she may request a free extra lesson with the instructor.
What do I need for a class?
A PC or laptop with the latest Chrome browser installed, good Internet connection, pen, and notebook.
What level of knowledge should my child have before starting the course?
It doesn't matter. There are courses both for beginners and for those with some coding experience.
How often do new groups start?
Recruitment usually takes place all year round. To find out whether new groups are open now, leave a request online.
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