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Two-Payment Plan

First month
per month
-$145 (-15%)
If you choose the Two-Payment Plan, the required payments are:
- $265 now
- $600 within a month

Total amount due: $865
per month
per month
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Access to HUB coding social network
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After-hour tutor consultations
Simulator workouts in your personal account
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We will solve a few basic tasks and learn some fundamentals of programming and create first projects!
Where can I find the class schedule?
Each group is assigned a specific day and time of class. We will help you find a convenient time for your child.
What is the tuition fee?
The fees vary depending on the region, format and number of modules. We accept a one-off payment. Please leave a request to us to find a suitable format for you.
What if I miss classes?
Skipping one lesson is not a problem. The theory, materials and tasks for each lesson are stored on the Platform. Moreover, our instructors are always ready to help via WhatsApp chat. If a child misses two or more lessons for a valid reason, he or she may request a free extra lesson with the instructor.
What do I need for a class?
A PC or laptop with the latest Chrome browser installed, good Internet connection, pen and notebook.
What level of knowledge should I have before starting the course?
It doesn't matter. There are courses both for beginners and for those with some coding experience.
How often do new groups start?
Recruitment usually takes place all year round. To find out whether new groups are being recruited now, leave a request online.
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